Tips on Cleaning Vacuum and Septic Trucks

03 Nov

The vacuum and septic trucks are those kinds of special industrial vehicles used to suction the contents of the septic tanks. they are mainly used by the municipal sewage management when there is need to empty the septic tanks in order to avoid the tanks from bursting. There is need to regularly clean the trucks since it is through cleaning it that one is able to transport the septic materials in a comfortable manner. Regular cleaning also protects the trucks against corrosive and infectious material that can make the parts wear out more easily. The following are ways through which you can clean the truck although this depends on the type tank used.

There are water and vibration removal. This entails the spraying of the interior with water and some of the specified disinfectants where needed. While spraying, it is advisable that you remove the sludge that settles at the bottom of the truck. This can be done using a hard metallic rode. If the sludge has hardened such that it proves difficult to remove, you can resort to using a vibrator that will loosen the sludge, making it easy to remove eventually.

Manual removal of the sludge. This is done when the sludge has been in the tank for a while such that even spraying with water as well as vibration doesn't work.  This entails entering the tank and removing the sludge by hand. The work can also be done from the manhole. This is especially when the smell can't be contained or if the materials inside the truck are suspected to contain poisonous materials. It is advisable to put on protective wears which entail coats and rubber gloves. Eye masks are also appropriate during the process in order to prevent the spillage from entering the eyes. Once you have performed the inside cleaning, you can now migrate to the interior to get rid of the residual wastes. Check this at this website to know more!

You should consider putting washing stations in place. This is the place where the washing will take place. It is advisable that you collect this water in a specified place before directing it to an appropriate place. It is normal for water to run off during washing as since this water is already contaminated, directing it to a specified place is the wisest thing to do. This prevents contamination of everything around. Such contaminations are harmful both to plants as well as human beings. They can be the origin of the infectious diseases like cholera especially when they seep into drinking water. Know more here!

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